Burger King signs a co-operation agreement with Esso at 100 service stations in Germany

The US snack chain Burger King is targeting motorists during its expansion in Germany.

The company has entered into a cooperation agreement with the Esso filling stations. Their operator, the EG Group, is a new franchisee. Within five years, 100 new fast-food restaurants will be opened under this agreement, as Burger King announced.

Whether it will give then at Oberpfälzer Esso fuel stations next to gasoline Burger, can not say at present, said the spokeswoman for the EC Group, Karoline Köster. "A working group is currently investigating which service stations are eligible for the test phase. Among other things, the fuel stations must be comparatively well frequented, they must offer enough space for the offer and also fulfil all the requirements of the restaurant law" said Köster.