Andamur expands its network in Spain

Andamur expands its network of stations with three new service areas in Madrid (Ganesha fuel), Cuenca (Area of ​​Uclés) and Guadalajara (Area 117 Torremocha del Campo). These are added to the last two additions that were associated, during the month of February, in Seville (Villanueva del Rey) and in Valencia (Beneixida).

With the first three additions, Andamur increased it's coverage in the central area of ​​the peninsula, with the main objective of offering a better service to all our customers and covering a greater number of locations accessible to all of them. These locations are already added to the 23 service areas that have been previously selected strategically and offered by Andamur in various Spanish locations.

In total, Andamur have 170 service stations distributed throughout 9 European countries . All of them, besides giving access to the main routes and European routes, are a key factor since they offer the Andamur customers the possibility of refuelling with the Andamur ProEurope card .

In short, it is a significant proposal that is marked as a purpose to continue growing in order to continue offering facilities to the driver: advantages and comforts in the transport sector without neglecting the importance of providing solutions to the needs that arise in life day of the truck driver.