BP moves into food deliveries with new brand

BP has announced that it will move into the competitive food home delivery space in Australia, as part of a new partnership with Uber Eats. BP announced the move just prior to the new financial year, unveiling a new brand under the partnership called Couchfood.

According to BP, it is the first petrol and convenience retailer to launch such a service, which will allow customers to purchase meals, snacks and pantry items and have them delivered to their home or office. The service will be available from “hundreds” of BP service stations around Australia.

Ahead of the launch of Couchfood, BP undertook research into consumer buying habits, and found that one in four Australian aged 25 to 34 will order from a meal delivery app on a weekly basis, spending an average of $102 per month. “We recognise the changing habits of our consumers, with Millennials in particular regularly using the Uber Eats app for greater convenience,” the group’s general manager of marketing and retail innovation, Adam Arnold, said.

“We keep adding new locations for Couchfood as we see considerable demand for a wide range of snacks and drinks from customers wanting to order from the comfort of their couch.” Mr Arnold suggested the partnership with Uber Eats was particularly timed to coincide with the winter weather.

“We have partnered with Uber Eats as we know consumers are looking for ease, and enjoying the things that matter to them most, like spending time with family and friends at home, particularly as it gets colder,” he said. Research released separately by Uber Eats in May this year found 60 per cent of Australians consider ordering food deliveries online to be a “normal thing to do these days”, with an increasing variety in the types of foods being ordered.

It found that almost one in five (19 per cent) Australians believe they eat healthier when ordering food for delivery compared with cooking for themselves.