Morrisons starts charging for air at UK petrol stations

Morrisons has scrapped a scheme which offered customers free air for their tyres when they spent £15 or more on fuel at its UK petrol stations.

Previously, customers who bought £15+ of fuel at a Morrisons petrol station were given a voucher for free air. For those without vouchers, it cost 20p a minute to use the machine.

But now all customers will need to pay to use the air machines, although it will now cost 10p a minute. A Morrisons spokesperson said: "We have installed new air machines across all of our petrol stations.

"To offer lower-cost air to all of our customers, we've introduced a 10p minimum vend." While many petrol stations charge for air, Sainsbury's says it offers free air for tyres at the majority of its petrol stations.