GULF - Making waves - by Jenny Lockwood Head of Dealer Performance at Certas Energy

This is an article written for LinkedIn by Jenny Lockwood, Head of Dealer Performance at Certas Energy

As Head of Dealer Performance at Certas Energy, my focus is always on our network and maximising the profitability and efficiency of our dealers. I work closely with Craig Nugent our Head of Dealer Sales and the Dealer Sales team up and down the country to make the Gulf brand as competitive as possible

My mission is to make Gulf an outstanding brand – one which delights our customers, care’s for our people and takes pride in our business

We organised a dealer forum, which worked as a focus group for our large network of Dealers and provided both us, and them, with valuable insight. The dealer forum was extremely well-received, as it opened up a two-way communication stream and from this, we at Gulf have revitalised our forecourt image as part of a major investment programme as we work to improve and energise every aspect of our brand proposition to Gulf Dealers

The modern fresh and eye-catching look is designed to widen the appeal of our forecourts attracting new customers and helping our Dealers to increase profits, now and into the future

Refreshing our brand for retail

Our brand, though rich in heritage and instantly recognisable to many people has undergone a refresh to ensure that the longevity and trusted image remains crucial to our success. It’s been months in the making, but I’m pleased to announce that the refreshed Gulf brand has now gone live with a fresh and vibrant look and feel.

We have chosen a modular construction approach that has the flexibility to fit any forecourt and is also practical in terms of cost and maintenance. The Gulf rounded logo itself remains as recognisable and iconic as ever, steeped in nostalgia yet still visually current. Whilst previously used as a secondary device it has now been given greater prominence across the forecourt and it is at the forefront of everything we do

Positioning the logo in pole position allowed the rest of our graphic design to flow effortlessly across the forecourt. A series of curved designs which we call the “Gulf wave” accompanied the logo, that represents movement are used to create connectivity across all aspects of the forecourt from the canopy to the pole signs and the spreaders to the fuel pumps

Bringing the design to life

Once the refreshed design had been confirmed, we developed ways in which it could be effectively implemented across our sites. Special considerations were made to ensure that the design system was flexible enough to fit on any forecourt

We created a modular construction which has ensured production costs are kept to a minimum, but the integrity of the design and brand remains the same. The subtle fluid gradients add distinction the Gulf orange and blue core colours are contrasted against a clean white finish to maximise roadside impact day or night

The new-look brand approach is now available for all new Dealers and existing Gulf Dealer’s who wish to freshen up their forecourt. We have launched the new Gulf Wave Image at Etwall Road and Bristol Airport and have already received glowing feedback from both customers and staff

For us, the rebrand has been a huge success. We listened to our network and worked with them on creating a look that works for everyone. We remain a global brand, with a local neighbourhood feel, and that’s something I, and the rest of the Gulf Retail team, are incredibly proud of

Our new brand will work on any forecourt, so if you're an owner considering becoming part of the Gulf family, we'd love the chance to speak to you and see how we could add value to your business.

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