Start-up of the year CarPay-Diem: over €10 million fuel payments

CarPay-Diem, the mobile fuelling solution, reached the milestone of €10 million fuel payments.

After the startup was 2nd on the Smart Mobility Start-Up of the Year Award in 2017, the company grew fast. Although only in production since 7 months, in Belgium and Luxemburg exclusively, the mobile fuel platform generates the largest volume of mobile transactions at fuel stations in Europe – as an independent platform.

The app flirts with 1,500 transactions a day, or 215,000 refills since mid-January. The unique platform of CarPay-Diem benefits both drivers and fuel stations. The first can activate fuel pumps and manage the payment of the refill automatically via its platform and connected vehicles; while the latter can display specific promotions on the drivers’ device.

Moreover, the app authorises the use of various payment methods, according to the convenience of the user. Although it's independent, the app can be integrated in any other mobile applications, allowing them to activate the fuel pumps and manage the refill and even automatic payment.

‘We are very pleased with CarPay-Diem's success with drivers, even if they are not always aware that it is our technology that operates behind the scenes in their favourite application,’ said Alain Tayenne, CarPay-Diem COO.

Thanks to this design, the app will expand soon to activate fuel pumps of all brands and deploy the CarPay-Diem service soon in other countries and networks. Frédéric Stiernon, CEO of CarPay-Diem says that they will extend the availability of the CarPay-Diem service in new countries and networks before the end of the year.