Henderson Technology fights food waste with Gander App across the UK

Henderson Technology has partnered with Gander, an app to help food stores clear more of their ‘reduced to clear’ produce, across the UK.

Gander displays reduced to clear food automatically and in real-time, with Henderson Technology’s EDGEPoS system pushing the reduced food products to the mobile app, as they are stickered in-store. When that item is sold it is automatically removed from the app, providing an instant feed of all reductions in-store at any time.

Darren Nickels, head of Henderson Technology, said: “We know that many of our customers feel strongly about addressing this issue and feel confident that by introducing the Gander app we will encourage shoppers to purchase in a smarter, more sustainable way while also enjoying some great savings.”

Ashley Osborne, founder of Gander, added: “Only 5% of a retailers’ existing shoppers purchase reduced to clear food. Gander puts this information in the hands of significantly more motivated shoppers which in turn will increase sales of reduced product.”

The Gander app can be downloaded via the Apple or Android app and used to locate reduced items at participating stores across the UK.