Bliss opens seventh eco-friendly car wash in Los Angeles

Bliss Car Wash announced the opening of a new car wash in Los Angeles, the seventh among its eco-friendly car washes, designed to use minimal water and incorporate environmental sensitivities throughout the cleaning process.

With each new Bliss opening, CEO and Founder David Delrahim donates a new fresh-water well to the nonprofit, Wells Bring Hope. Delrahim and the Bliss company have aligned with the nonprofit, Wells Bring Hope in its mission to bring safe water to rural villages in Niger, West Africa.

“This pledge of David Delrahim and Bliss truly make a difference in the lives of those living in Africa without access to clean water,” said Barbara Goldberg, Founder, and President of Wells Bring Hope. “Each new well he donates brings a new level of hope to those suffering.”

The new Bliss car washes use technology that constantly monitors freshwater usage, keeping it down to approximately 24 gallons per car wash, and using 70 percent reclaimed water. Bliss uses cleaning products that are biodegradable and utilises low-energy consuming machinery.

“We are water warriors, preserving and reusing water in every possible instance with new state-of-the-art technology,” said Delrahim. “Fresh water is a critical life source all over our planet, and our actions aim to conserve it.”