Pearson Fuels partners with World Energy

Pearson Fuels, the largest distributor of E85 Flex Fuel in California, announced a partnership to purchase Renewable Naphtha (RN) from World Energy, one of the largest and longest-serving low-carbon fuel suppliers in North America.

Pearson Fuels will blend its Ethanol fuel with World Energy's RN, a co-product from the production of Renewable Diesel (RD) and Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). The E85 Flex Fuel blend using RN creates an almost completely renewable fuel, which is the first of its kind in the world.

"Replacing petroleum with Renewable Naphtha in our E85 Flex Fuel allows us to deliver a sustainable and high-quality product to our customers that is greener, healthier, more economical and boasts a Research Octane of over one hundred," said Mike Lewis, Co-Founder of Pearson Fuels.

"Working with a partner like World Energy enables us to bring this new renewable E85 Flex Fuel to California motorists and expand our distribution of green fuels and energy in one of the largest fuel markets in the U.S."

Through its Paramount California facility, World Energy produces RD and RN using agricultural waste as a feedstock. These waste-feedstocks are fed into World Energy's hydro treating unit to produce RD and RN, along with SAF.

Through the partnership between Pearson Fuels and World Energy, the companies are delivering E85 Flex Fuel containing the highest percentage of renewable components in the U.S. The RN produced at World Energy's Paramount facility results in E85 Flex Fuel that is up to 55 percent cleaner than gasoline.

"Pearson Fuels' initiative to blend our RN with their E85 will drive immediate and positive environmental change in the communities they serve," said John Zeidler, COO, World Energy. "We will always support companies like Pearson Fuels that are committed to finding new and innovative ways to make it easier for people to have access to low-carbon fuel products."