DAPSA intends to finish 2019 with 50 service stations

The oil company says that the economic upheaval is not affecting its investment plan. They already have 15 new outlets and promise to enable another 35 in the remainder of the year.

" We have finished 15 points lined after sale and are working with the idea of having 50 end of the year , " confides Hugo David , Commercial Director of Destilería Argentina Oil (DAPSA)

The manager acknowledges that the objective they are proposing is ambitious, considering that 2019 will end in a matter of weeks, but ensures that they are working for it. “ We have hired three companies that are working simultaneously on the works. We come with a good pace, ”he says.

In that sense, David denies that the delicate economic situation of the country or the recent announcement of the exchange rate will generate slowdowns in the DAPSA investment plan.

"Everything is still going on," he says in this regard, while emphasising: " We want to support operators and the entire development of the network ." Asked about where the new outlets that the oil company belonging to the Argentine holding company Sociedad Comercial del Plata would be located, David comments that they will basically be concentrating in the Province of Buenos Aires, Santa Fe, Córdoba and Mendoza.