Mobil SynergyTM Fuel Technology now available throughout New Zealand

Mobil Oil New Zealand Limited (Mobil) has today announced that its proprietary family of additised fuel products, Mobil Synergy Fuel Technology, is now available throughout New Zealand.

First introduced in the North Island in 2016, the Mobil Synergy family of fuels is specially designed to improve fuel economy by reducing engine deposits. These deposits can build up in vital parts of an engine over time and prevent cars from performing at their best.

Mobil Synergy Fuel Technology includes a scientifically engineered additive package suited to the unique driving conditions of Aotearoa. The Synergy fuels are known as Synergy Supreme+ (98 RON), Synergy Supreme (95 RON), Synergy Extra Unleaded (91 RON) and Synergy Extra Diesel. All Mobil Synergy fuel grades offer advanced fuel economy, for more miles and more adventure.

Andrew McNaught, Lead Country Manager, Mobil Oil New Zealand Limited, believes that Mobil customers across Aotearoa will be delighted that they can now access the Mobil Synergy family of fuels all the way from Kaitaia to Invercargill.

“In our experience, Mobil customers value increased fuel economy alongside a superior quality service station experience. Mobil has been working incredibly hard to be able to offer Mobil Synergy fuels across the country,” says Mr McNaught. “We’re thrilled to bring our exceptional quality Mobil Synergy Fuel Technology to customers around New Zealand, including the advanced fuel economy it offers.”

The roll-out across New Zealand is the final step in a journey that began in 2016, when the Mobil Synergy roll-out first began. This included major enhancements of Mobil service station forecourts with distinctive Mobil Synergy branding, as well as other site enhancements such as the introduction of Pay at Pump facilities.

“This is the first time we can talk to our valued Mobil customers in the South Island about the Mobil Synergy family of fuels,” says Mr McNaught. “This means we can focus on drawing our valued customers’ attention to the special Mobil Synergy formulations.

“We’re sure Mobil customers will take satisfaction in the knowledge that they can purchase the same great fuel, with all its fuel economy benefits, wherever they head on their next great adventure.”

Mobil Synergy Fuel Technology contains additives that provide deposit clean-up and improved fuel economy. Actual benefits may vary, depending on various factors including, without limitation, engine type, driving style, and fuel previously used.