Tanknology case study: TankCam® demo for major oil client in Australia

Tanknology, Inc. – the US based global leader in forecourt testing – is featuring a series of case studies that showcase significant projects performed by Licensees in its worldwide network.

In the summer of 2016 Tanknology Australia completed a TankCam® demo for a large Major Oil company at a new retail fueling site on the Western outskirts of Sydney.

The site has eight USTs, seven of which were inspected by the TankCam. They were 110,000 liter (approximately 29,000 gallon) double-walled fiberglass tanks. Two of these were split-compartment tanks.

By regulation in Australia, new sites have their tanks’ ballast filled with water, then after pre- and post-concrete equipment integrity testing (EIT), the water is removed and fuel can then be dropped.

Four of the site’s tanks were to be filled with diesel, one with E10, one with ULT 95, one with Premium 98, and the tank not tested was an AD Blue tank.

As the site was a new build and had not yet had its first fuel drop, the inspection verified that the water had been extracted and that no tools, landscaping, construction, or backfill materials had been left behind in the tank.

The inspection also checked for anomalies in the tank walls or changes in overall tank shape. This process is similar to TankCam inspections Tanknology USA performs for new-build sites for its clients in the US.

Each tank was inspected for approximately 30 minutes. Five of the seven were reported to be in good condition with minimal water left behind. TankCam inspections revealed that two tanks required additional water removal, and one of these was observed to possibly have green algae on the tank bottom.

The client sent engineers to observe the TankCam system in action. They and their in-office supervisor stated that they were impressed with Tanknology Australia’s field report, in particular the detailed visual documentation captured by the TankCam system.

Customers are provided with a full video of TankCam inspections. The final report includes photos of each angle of the tank, descriptions of the images seen at points in the video, and a summary of findings and recommendations.

An inspection prior to the initial fuel drop is one of many TankCam applications.

TankCam Inspections provide a quick and cost-effective, yet very detailed, look inside your tank. Using state-of-the-art remote video technology and a certified Tanknology technician, the TankCam inspection helps you clearly see structural or lining problems or virtually any issue inside the tank.

TankCam inspections can also be used to pinpoint the cause of a failed tightness test, verify conditions after a tank cleaning, locate unused riser openings, confirm overfill protection, or visually inspect fuel conditions. No fuel removal or excavation is required to inspect the inside of your UST, and no manned-entry is necessary.

To learn more about providing TankCam services in your country as a Tanknology Licensee, contact Ignacio Allende, Vice President, International Division, at international@tanknology.com or by phone at +1-512-380-7129.

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TankCam Technicians performing remote visual inspection

Interior view of a newly buried fiberglass tank