Crodux filling stations across Croatia have gone gluten free

Crodux, a filling station chain in Croatia, in collaboration with health food company Bosk, has decided to expand the range of products to gluten-free snacks and desserts.

Fans of the nutritious snacks will be able to find bread sticks and whole grain crackers that in addition to being gluten-free, do not contain eggs, lactose or casein from milk. Also on offer are toast and cornflakes, and lovers of sweets will be able to enjoy a variety of biscuits and tarts with chocolate or apricots.

Bosk was founded by Croatian footballer Mario Stanic and author Denis Delogu who wrote the book 'U šumi'. Crodux currently have 10 stations in Stupnik, Vrata Jadrana jug, Vrata Jadrana sjever, Janjče Zapad, Janjče Istok, Slavonska avenija - Zagreb, Velikogorička avenija - Zagreb, Samoborska cesta - Zagreb, Jadranska avenija - Zagreb, Branimirova - Zagreb.