Tesla introduces 40 cent per minute idle fee for superchargers

That was quick. Last week, CEO Elon Musk warned that Tesla will “take action” against Tesla owners leaving their vehicles at Supercharger stations after charging is over. He said: “Supercharger spots are meant for charging, not parking”.

Yesterday in the US the company took action and introduced a new $0.40 per minute idle fee for the entire Supercharger network.

The fee will start as soon as the charging session is over, but it will be waived if the vehicle is moved within 5 minutes – basically giving owners 5 minutes of free parking after charging is over at a Supercharger.

Tesla made it clear that it doesn’t plan (hope) to make money off the new scheme, and that it’s only a way to “increase Supercharger availability”. In other words, it’s a way to make sure the Superchargers are used for what they were meant for: charging.