Motiva & GetUpside expand partnership

Motiva Enterprises and GetUpside are expanding their partnership to launch the Motiva-sponsored Starter Plan, which will bring more customers and fuel gallons to Motiva gas stations at no additional cost to retailers.

On the Starter Plan, participating stations will receive free marketing exposure in the GetUpside app, which allows more than 26 million consumers to select up to three promotions at that station per day. Motiva covers the cost of the promotional offer paid to GetUpside users for the stations.

By opting into the full GetUpside program, stations can receive more than three offers a day and become eligible for other program benefits, such as convenience store promotions, the company said.

Motiva and GetUpside first teamed up in 2018 to bring the GetUpside program to gas stations across the United States. Since then, the partnership has driven more than 260 million gallons to Motiva-supplied sites. Through the Starter Plan, Motiva is sponsoring stations' participation in GetUpside to boost sales when the number of drivers on the road is at an all-time low.

"Looking across our network, our stations have seen tremendous success with the GetUpside program," said Benny VanOsdell, director of product sales at Motiva. "Now, at a time when every gallon counts, we want to do our part to make sure all Motiva-supplied sites can use a proven tool to help sustain volume."

Houston-based Motiva refines, distributes and markets petroleum products throughout the United States. Under exclusive, long-term brand licenses for the Shell and 76 brands, Motiva's marketing operations support more than 5,000 retail gasoline stations.