PKN Orlen signs oil supply contract with Rosneft

PKN Orlen has signed an oil supply contract with Rosneft, with the monthly contract volume amounting to 300 000t of oil, as agreed with the Russian partners during negotiations.

The volume reduction will not affect the security of supplies to ORLEN Group refineries.

The new two-year contract provides for annual supplies of 3.6 million t to PKN ORLEN refineries. “The reduction in crude oil supplies under the contract with Rosneft changes nothing for the stability of oil supplies to ORLEN Group refineries or fuel supplies in the region.

We are prepared to meet this challenge, having consistently pursued diversification of supply sources and having established relationships with oil producers in other regions of the world. Also, we enjoy a solid position in the spot market,” said Daniel Obajtek, President of the PKN ORLEN Management Board.?

PKN ORLEN is actively looking for new markets and expanding its portfolio of suppliers and crude oil grades. Purchase opportunities and compatibility of various crude grades with processes used by ORLEN Group refineries are monitored on an ongoing basis, taking into account prevailing global trends, including increased demand for finished petroleum products.

Furthermore, PKN Orlen signed its first-ever long-term contract for the supply of US crude. The contract with Exxon Mobil provides for the supply of a total of approximately 1 million t of crude oil to ORLEN Group refineries in Poland, the Czech Republic and Lithuania during the one-year contract term.