7-Eleven doubles marketing investment with new ‘Take it to Eleven’ campaign

The new “Take it to Eleven,” tagline and campaign is born of the notion that 7-Eleven has always been a brand with customer-obsession at the core, going over the top to feed people’s joy and always meeting them where they are by offering small delights that are a bright spot in the day.

The Dallas-based c-store behemoth, with nearly 12,000 stores in North America, has more than doubled its marketing investment in 2021, following a period where happiness among Americans reached a 50-year low, according to the University of Chicago.

As the pandemic attracted customers to the convenience store category, 7-Eleven commissioned extensive research that revealed that consumers saw the brand as the “ingenious accomplice” amid the unpredictability of life.

A new full-funnel integrated campaign, developed with the brand’s creative and media agency 360i, “Take it To Eleven,” embraces an attitude that makes a big deal out of even the smallest of things. It’s full of youthful energy and zeal — all against the backdrop of a 7-Eleven parking lot — a stage where everyone, every subculture, is welcome to be themselves.

The campaign is directed by Harmony Korine — the creative force behind Kids, Spring Breakers and Gucci collaborations.

7-Eleven has always provided quick and easy access to the practical, everyday necessities people need in order to keep going — but, at the same time, the brand understands there’s more to life than surviving. Particularly in times like these, when customers’ days rarely feel like a 10, it can be easy to overlook the small things that bring joy.

That’s why the brand has always gone out of its way to bring a little delight, a little fun, a little off-the wall, playful indulgence to everyone that it serves. That’s not just fueled by people’s physical needs. It’s about lifting peoples’ spirits, feeding their optimism and keeping them amused.