BP, Diebold Nixdorf team up to support retail site, payment technology

BP has extended its multi-year, managed services agreement with Diebold Nixdorf and will leverage DN AllConnect Services globally to reduce the operational complexity associated with managing thousands of retail sites, according to a press release.

BP will rely on Diebold Nixdorf's service integration to ensure optimal availability of its site systems at more than 17,000 locations worldwide.

As part of the managed agreement, BP also sought to make its payment channels more agile, efficient and fully integrated with the digital experience by deploying AEVI's global payment platform, AEVI Motion, at thousands of locations across European markets.

BP can consolidate its payment infrastructure into a single solution and move to a cloud-based payment platform "Diebold Nixdorf's managed services enable us to bring greater automation to our retail sites across the globe," Marco Ryan, senior vice president, digital customers and markets, said in the press release.

"We are glad to join BP and Diebold Nixdorf on this transformational journey by helping to simplify and digitalize the payment experience across channels and countries," said Martin Stefan, senior vice president, AEVI Motion at AEVI.