Unlock impulse buying with T-Media by Dover Fueling Solutions to boost sales and profit margins

Retailers understand the phenomenon of impulse purchasing extremely well. That’s why checkout counters are packed full of inexpensive, but often high-margin items, such as sweets, crisps, chewing gum and beverages. According to many psychologists, the spontaneous urge for humans to spend money is rooted in the principle of “loss aversion,” i.e., the desire not to miss out on something and feel bad about it later. Since consumers spend on average three to four minutes at the dispenser while refuelling their cars, this time is the perfect opportunity to tap into their impulse-buying tendency by promoting products and services right at the fuel dispenser itself, using T-Media from Dover Fueling Solutions (DFS).

T-Media is a digital marketing solution that turns your fuel dispenser into a promotional powerhouse. Instead of making use of static graphics that can be easily ignored, a high-resolution digital screen commands the customer’s attention by displaying colorful text, images, video and sound. It’s perfect for promoting products and driving traffic into your store — especially if the goods are on sale or part of a promotion. It can also be used to upsell higher-grade fuels — which have greater profit margins for the retailer — and advertise on-site services like car washes. You don’t need to worry about motorists ignoring your messages either, because the display is located at the same focal point as the sales and volume information, making your adverts hard to miss.

T-Media is very easy and intuitive to use. You don’t need to be an IT export to create, upload and schedule the promotions you’d like to run. T-Media allows you to easily deploy advertisements and targeted messaging across individual pumps, a specific site or your entire network using simple drag-and-drop functionality facilitated by DFS’ secure, cloud-based web-tool. Unlike competitive products, you can also access T-Media remotely, from anywhere there’s a Wi-Fi connection, 24/7. Furthermore, T-Media’s cloud-to-cloud integration via its Application Programming Interface (API) allows you to integrate the content on your indoor screens with those on the forecourt. The ability to synchronize inside and outside messages enhances their impact on motorists.

You already know how important timing can be relative to securing a sale. T-Media helps you maximize the timing of your messages in a variety of ways. The message you play can be synced with the motorists’ actions in terms of the fuelling process itself: from idling, to fuelling, to ending the transaction. For example, you could prompt a motorist to choose the benefits of a premium fuel right before they select a fuel type to encourage them to invest in the higher margin grade. Or you can offer a motorist a deal on a car wash during fuelling. You can also target your messaging by day, or time of day, such as running coffee advertising in the morning, sandwich specials at lunchtime and lottery tickets at night. Because it’s so quick and easy to update your playlist, you can even leverage real-time events to your benefit, like offering a discounted car wash following bad weather, where their vehicles are more likely to need cleaning. It’s all up to you; T- Media makes it easy.

To learn more about how to boost your sales and profit margins with T-Media from DFS, contact your local DFS representative or click here.