SloanLED Prism Enlighten launches

Breakthrough LED lens technology with 3X average LED lifespan

SloanLED, leaders in LED technology for 60 years, today announces the launch of SloanLED Prism Enlighten. SloanLED Prism Enlighten is a low power, high-reliability sign and channel letter lighting solution, delivering a superior lifespan, and lower operating costs using fewer power supplies.

SloanLED Prism Enlighten lasts three times longer than typical LED systems, with tests showing a lifetime rating of 150,000+ hours. The efficacy of SloanLED Prism Enlighten ranges from 107-120 lm/W depending on the color temperature that includes six options from 3000 K to 7100 K. This solution provides significant energy cost reductions, maintenance cost savings, easy installation, and delivers exceptional performance with consistent brightness and uniformity.

“There’s nothing like SloanLED Prism Enlighten on the market today. Driving an extremely low current while using the top LED chip available, establishes it in a category of its own,” said Ervin Cash, President & CEO of SloanLED. “This module is engineered to brighten brands in a bold, new way that offers low power for lower operating costs, upfront labor, and overall material expenses. As brand owners and specifiers translate these benefits into their applications, it literally means they can specify a SloanLED Prism Enlighten light engine at the beginning of their brand refresh program, and have the peace of mind it will work throughout the typical seven to nine-year brand design life—and beyond. The SloanLED team knows ROI and managing expenses are very important to our valued customers.”

SloanLED Prism Enlighten is built on the SloanLED Prism series platform, a unique arrangement of micro prisms designed explicitly for producing brilliant, uniform light at the sign face. SloanLED Prism Enlighten is another SloanLED lighting breakthrough: the science of optical physics combined with decades of sign industry knowledge. SloanLED Prism Enlighten is the fourth in a series of lensed SloanLED modules launched this year.