Tamoil and Jolt launch ultra-fast EV charging in the Netherlands

Tamoil Netherlands and Jolt Energy Group have agreed to instal MerlinOne Ultra-Fast charging stations from Jolt at 33 Tamoil filling stations in the Netherlands from 2022.

Ronald Kempen, general manager of Tamoil Nederland BV (pictured left), said, "The partnership with Jolt marks the start of a rapid transition to serve our growing customer base, which is electric.

"The MerlinOne Ultra-Fast Charger is an important tool for flexibly scaling our electric charging offering without meeting the challenge of lengthy grid upgrades. We are very happy to embark on this e-journey together with Jolt."

The MerlinOne charging station has been designed and developed by Jolt for charging situations in the city, where the existing electricity grid makes it difficult to offer ultra-fast charging.

“As soon as the project is operational, we can provide electric drivers with their weekly charging needs in 10 to 15 minutes; a significant improvement over existing charging alternatives at home and on the street,” said Maurice Neligan, CEO of Jolt.

Jolt Energy Group is a Dublin-, Munich-, and Boston-based group founded in 2017 by a team of former automotive and energy engineering executives with the aim of changing traditional city charging.

Jolt is committed to building a network of ultra-fast chargers in major cities over the next ten years. It uses advanced mobile charging stations with integrated batteries to supplement the weaknesses of the existing electricity grid.

In some cases, this means that charging stations are deployed as battery packs in city streets and replaced with freshly charged units once they are empty.

The partnership with Tamoil will be part of Jolt's ChargeMyCity campaign, which aims to advance the mobility transition in communities by bringing together landowners, financing and charging capabilities in regional charging projects.