Gazpromneft filling station network expands to now cover 47 of Russia's regions

Total outlets throughout the Gazpromneft filling station network increased by more than four percent in 2021, reaching 1,432 stations.

The chain's total geographic coverage has increased to now cover 47 of Russia's regions - almost half of all new facilities having been launched as a result of Gazprom Neft's increasing presence in the petroleum products retail market in the Central Federal Okrug.

Sixteen new filling stations have been built in Moscow and the Moscow Oblast, six in the Ryazan Oblast, and three in the Voronezh Oblast.

State-of-the art market-analytics tools, together with the further development of the company's loyalty programme (involving the use of smart client-experience management technologies) has delivered further benefits for the network's operational performance.

The network's total retail sales up 12%, at 9 million tonnes. Production of automotive fuels (gasoline and diesel) at the company's refineries increased by 7% in 2021 in response to market demand.

Improving stations' environmental friendliness and energy efficiency remained a key area of focus in developing the Gazpromneft filling station network throughout 2021, with the deployment of energy-saving technologies in station construction and operation reducing energy consumption.

Installation of fast-charging stations for electric vehicles remains ongoing, with new charging facilities being installed at stations throughout Moscow, St Petersburg and the Krasnodarsky Krai.

"We continued expanding our network's geographic coverage throughout 2021, opening new stations and increasing operational efficiency at others.

Development remains on going, with plans including the opening of around 45 more Gazpromneft filling stations across Russia - and that means both city-based convenience outlets and major motorway service stations on the M-11, the M-12 and the Moscow Central Ring Road".

Oleg KuzmenkovHead of the Gazpromneft filling station network, Russia