OLA Energy announces expansion of Marhaba convenience stores

Oil Company OLA Energy has announced part of its expansion plans through the commissioning of Marhaba convenience stores that will provide customers with fresh food items for breakfast, lunch and snacking.

Strategically located in respective service stations, the convenience stores will offer customers an opportunity to enjoy a quick stop for fresh food items as they get other vehicle maintenance and LPG services on the go.

Speaking during the official opening of Marhaba convenience at OLA Energy Lang’ata service station, OLA Energy Group Chief Executive Fayed Altwair said the company’s objective is to continue giving priority to customers in meeting their needs for speed and convenience in their purchase journey as the consumer demand for increased service and options in convenience stores-shopping continues to rise.

“While going to a service station is no longer about only fueling your vehicle, customers are choosing to shop in convenience stores for their own convenience. At OLA Energy, we continue to adopt future-proof, flexible and advanced platforms meant to keep our fuel stations and convenience stores relevant,” said Altwair.

“We endeavor to make memorable shopping experiences with your family worthwhile, by ensuring that you access supplies, groceries, household goods, a healthy meal and fast food in accessible locations at our select service stations countrywide,” the CEO added.

OLA Energy Kenya General Manager Millicent Onyonyi added that Marhaba Convenience store joins the list of a healthy pipeline for shops operated by African entrepreneurs, such as O’Good Food, Simbisa and Soft Buy.

“Today, we celebrate another milestone – supporting African brands in Africa. Our aim is to become the African brand that brings affordable and quality energy for all Africans. We have also partnered with international giants among them Starbucks, KFC, Pizza Hut, Costa and Burger King over the past few years.” said Onyonyi.

Marhaba convenience store will create employment opportunities, through company policies of exceptional customer service, staff friendliness and high community involvement as OLA Energy plans to open its doors in several service stations across the country.

“From an operational perspective, we are focused on automating our service stations and modernizing our sites throughout our entire network.”

At auto-care centres, the business has also developed partnerships in services and expanded its offering to be much more than the traditional lube bay concept, with international brands that include Midas, Bosch, Automotive, VW, Continental and Pirelli among many others.

With its LPG penetration across Africa, OLA Energy’s mandate is to contribute to improving energy access across the continent, through the improvement of air quality in African households, and to fighting deforestation.

This is through an on-going installation of solar panels on the canopies of respective service stations in Africa, and is increasingly supporting electric mobility on the continent.