Ghop inaugurates "the first autonomous and intelligent store" in Spain

Ghop, the store, which is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, is powered by technology developed by Ghop. "This new type of shops have numerous advantages, since they offer greater flexibility of schedules and a much faster and easier shopping experience than the conventional one."

Likewise, the entrepreneur who launches one of Ghop's stores achieves "a large saving of operating costs, in addition to a turnkey solution that requires hardly any dedication or complications," explains Lino Monteagudo, co-founder and CEO of Ghop.

Our stores are the solution for many companies to complement their services and make the surplus space profitable. Blue Elephant is an example, but our business can be adapted to any environment such as a university, a transport station, an urbanization or almost any location.

Having a store of this type has never been easier," says Monteagudo, who adds that "the inauguration of this first center in collaboration with Grupo Moure is only the first step in our expansion throughout the national territory."

This service, Ghop sources said in a press release, "becomes a practical, fast and safe method." In order to make a purchase through Ghop, users must make a prior registration through the mobile phone on its website.

In this way, the customer can access the store module to take the item they need. To pay for the selected products, you have to enter them in the payment box, "explain the same sources.

All shops have 24-hour surveillance since, from an operations center, customer access is controlled. In addition, from the operations center you can act in case support is required or any inconvenience arises in the store.

These modular constructions have a solid structure that allows the trade to be installed easily in any space. In addition, the technology used automates and centralizes all the operations carried out in the store, from the registration of users to video surveillance, through the automatic management of the stock in real time, "explained the same sources.

"Service areas are areas where we do not usually innovate. While other countries such as the United States or China have already opted for this type of smart stores, in Spain this purchase format is not common. To bet on the installation of a Ghop store is to bet on the future", concludes Manel Montero, CEO of Grupo Moure.