Aral launches card payment at e-charging stations

What works in supermarkets, cafés and bakeries has so far often failed at the e-car charging station: card payment. At charging stations, the payment method is often not yet accepted in Germany. Aral, on the other hand, now also offers contactless and direct payment options by card.

In addition to apps, charging card, PayPal, ApplePay and the webshop, which can be reached via QR code, direct card payment is now also available – be it by debit or credit card, smartphone or smartwatch.

"The direct payment options offer e-drivers more flexibility and easier access to our fast-growing charging network – without the need for an app or charging card. In this way, we make charging even easier and increase customer satisfaction in the long term," says Alexander Junge, Member of the Board of Management of Aral and responsible for the Electromobility business unit.

Aral is introducing the new payment option around a year earlier than required by the new charging station regulation. This has provided for the integration of card payments at e-charging stations only from July 2023. "Our goal is to accelerate the ramp-up of e-mobility and to make the switch to an electric car attractive in the long term," Junge continues.

A fast, simple and practical charging infrastructure plays a decisive role here – including modern digital payment methods. "We are now completing these with established and familiar payment systems," explains the manager.

The payment process is very simple: Charging can be started and paid for with a bank card, smartphone or smartwatch – without registration, membership or providing personal data.