Hungary expects even more fuel shortages

“It is possible that after 15 August, there will be further fuel shortages in Hungary at more petrol stations.” says managing director of, Eszter Bujdos

According to her, there could be a disruption at any petrol station anywhere in the country. although she adds “In the eastern region of Hungary, fuel is harder to come by". So in Békés County, around Debrecen and in the Hajdúság, we have received feedback that there are more depleted stations.

The President of the Independent Petrol Stations Association certainly does not feel reassured by the situation. He said, “This is good news that oil is coming to Hungary again, but will this be true tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

So we have the oil supply coming through a war zone to the region and there is a huge uncertainty about the two sides fighting each other”. Gábor Egri says Hungary should work very hard to have an alternative oil supply.