Shell lets motorists make hands-free contactless fuel payments at the pump in Malaysia

Motorists in Malaysia can now purchase and place an RFID tag in their vehicle that allows them to make hands-free contactless payments for fuel directly from a digital wallet using RFID-enabled fuelling bays at nearly 90 Shell fuel stations across the country without needing to use their mobile phone or payment card.

Once they have installed and activated the RFID tag using payment service provider Touch ’n Go’s eWallet app, users can purchase fuel up to a preselected default amount by entering a fuelling bay equipped with an RFID scanner and starting to refuel when an LED screen in the bay confirms that their RFID tag has been detected.

The system automatically deducts a payment for the default amount of fuel the user has selected from preloaded funds in their Touch ’n Go wallet and refunds any unspent balance if the user opts to purchase a smaller amount of fuel “within 10 mins after you have completed your fuelling activity”.