ABB to supply fast chargers to Poland's PKN

PKN Orlen is launching a charging infrastructure project. The plan is to install 150 fast charging stations at selected fuel stations on select transit routes across Poland and within the largest cities.

According to ABB – one of the suppliers for the project – PKN Orlen will install approximately 50 first chargers by the end of 2019, which should highly improve the infrastructure. ABB was contracted to deliver Terra 54, which are 50 kW chargers, equipped with CHAdeMO, CCS and AC Type 2. There are also other chargers planned – probably higher power.

What makes the contract stand out from the previous projects of this type is the fact that it covers a wide range of maintenance services tailored to the individual requirements of the customer, as well as availability of constant technical support. At ABB we constantly invest in ensuring proper maintenance of our devices and in the highest comfort and convenience for the end user,”.

“Today the vast majority of electric cars travelling on the roads of Europe and around the world are adapted to use chargers with a maximum power of 50 kW. Investment in charging infrastructure is therefore necessary to ensure that drivers can travel freely and comfortably, and to promote new e-mobility technologies.

Of course, there are also vehicles that may already require a higher charging capacity. In Switzerland, we have equipped a station with Terra High Power 350 kW super-fast chargers. We hope that over time similar solutions will become popular in Poland and see this agreement as the first sign that the e-mobility sector in Poland is maturing and developing in the right direction,” concluded Frank Muehlon, Managing Director for electric vehicle charging infrastructure at ABB said