Biodiesel B10 now available in Thailand

The Minister of Energy Siri Jirapongphan, launched the PTT’s UltraForce Diesel B10, the first biodiesel B10 fuel to go on sale in Thailand. He was joined by PTT Oil and Retail Chief Executive, Jiraporn Khaosawas.

The Energy Minister said the Ministry of Energy is planning to promote biodiesel B10 as the main type of diesel fuel in Thailand, replacing the current biodiesel B7 type by 2021. The Ministry of Finance is offering 1 baht per liter excise tax discount for biodiesel B10, from the rate applicable to other automotive diesel products.

The ministry is anticipating that the introduction of the new biodiesel B10 will raise palm oil consumption to 2 million tons annually from the current figure at 1.5 million, complying with the national palm oil strategy.

He said the Ministry of Energy is positive the quality standard of biodiesel B10, the preparedness of PTT’s petrol stations, and the preparations of vehicle building companies that have already certified 944 models of 12 different brands to be B10 compatible, will help raise confidence among customers.

PTT Oil and Retail Company Limited (PTTOR) Chief Executive, Miss Jiraporn Khaosawas said today the company is ready to sell PTT UltraForce Diesel B10 products at PTT stations , and will continue to roll out the product starting in eastern and southern regions. The company will be working with the Ministry of Energy to promote biodiesel B10 use, to become the main type of biodiesel fuel in the country.

She said the company believes the quality of the product, which has received certifications from the Ministry of Energy and car manufacturers, won’t cause any ill effect to the engines. PTT UltraForce Diesel B10 is also enhanced with certain boosting properties helping improve engine performance, and can be completely combusted, resulting in 42 percent less black exhaust smoke.

The new oil product is sold 1 baht cheaper than conventional automotive diesel, which will help reduce costs among vehicle owners. The manufacturing of this fuel using crude palm oil will directly help palm farmers in Thailand as well.