Zips Car Wash acquisition of 7 stores from Champion Xpress

Zips Car Wash announced the acquisition of seven stores from Champion Xpress Car Wash in and around Roswell, New Mexico and San Angelo, Texas.

"We're excited to bring these high-quality, successful operations into the Zips family and to begin to offer our unique culture of car washing to customers in West Texas and New Mexico," said Katie Sargent, Regional Manager, Zips Car Wash.

"This expansion will allow us to serve customers with our Unlimited Wash Club and other special offerings, which can be used at our more than 170 stores," she added.

"As we grow, we're gaining a better understanding of the different customers we serve – from once-a-year car wash consumers to bi-weekly customers," said Sargent. "And with this data, we're making our services affordable and convenient for every type of car wash user," she added.

Zips hopes its new customers in these markets will sign up for their Rewards App and take advantage of being recognised for their frequent use of Zips stores. Customers will receive a free wash just for signing up and once a $100 threshold is reached, additional freebies will roll into consumer's apps.