Enermex plans 1,500 fuel stations in Mexico by 2024

Enermex has the plan to place in Mexico a little over 1,500 fuel sales stations in the next five years. The key to the company to achieve this plan is hidden in the size and format of its fuel stations.

The Mexican company developed a portable station about 14 meters long and 5 meters high , which contains a tank to store between 35 thousand and 45 thousand litres of gasoline , which they plan to take to rural areas, with very little space or locations with low brand competition While a common point of sale has a cost between 20 and 30 million pesos , the price of these is between 6 and 9 million pesos.

For now, the stations are manufactured in Ukraine with a firm specialised in the manufacture of military equipment. From here will be released the first 50 points of sale, two of them will be installed before next August at the headquarters of a supermarket chain which did not specify the name- in Mexico City and Bajío.