International Car Wash Group acquires 15 sites in Texas and Oklahoma

The International Car Wash Group (ICWG) has announced the acquisition of three well-known and respected regional carwash companies, according to a press release.

In the Waco, Texas, area, Baird Brothers Express Car Wash has four locations joining ICWG, the release continued. The Wash Factory includes seven locations: five in the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) metro area and two in the suburbs of Oklahoma City, the release noted.

Finally, Your Express brings four sites in the DFW metroplex to the ICWG portfolio, the release stated. These 15 sites will be a tremendous addition to the current seven Texas sites already in operation under ICWG’s Car Wash USA Express brand, the release noted.

ICWG also has several greenfield sites under construction and development in the Texas market, the release added. According to Jeff Maize, ICWG’s senior vice president, acquisitions, “We were looking to significantly grow our presence in the Texas market and are fortunate to have struck deals to acquire these three important operators to give us a larger base for continued growth and expansion in both Texas and Oklahoma.”

Baird Brothers Express Car Wash has been a family-owned business for 10-plus years, and its customer service and quality wash facilities in the Waco market made for an attractive addition to the ICWG portfolio, the release continued.

“ICWG’s professionalism and attention to details in this deal gave us confidence that our carwashes and employees would be in good hands,” stated Bill Baird, president of Baird Brothers Express Car Wash.

Expanding into the DFW metroplex, the most populous metropolitan area in Texas, will significantly enhance the ICWG network of carwash options for its U.S. customers, the release noted. Your Express’ four sites have been operating for several years and are conveniently located in both the southwest and northeast DFW suburbs, the release added.

The Wash Factory’s five DFW sites give ICWG the opportunity to partner with one of the most dynamic carwash teams in the region and establish a significant presence in the DFW market, the release stated. Brad Mann, president of The Wash Factory, has joined the ICWG team and will help lead the continued expansion in this region, the release continued.

“We went through an extremely thorough vetting process once we decided to sell. ICWG was the clear partner to give our employees the most growth opportunities,” said Brad Mann, president, The Wash Factory. Plus, an extra bonus in these acquisitions is ICWG’s first expansion into Oklahoma with The Wash Factory’s two sites in Norman and Edmond, Oklahoma, the release noted.

“We are excited to close 2019 with the acquisition of these three terrific carwash businesses in Texas and Oklahoma, which are priority markets for us. They have been built by great entrepreneurs who are leaders in the industry and have teams focused on providing a quality wash for their customers. That makes them a perfect addition to ICWG,” added Tom Mangas, CEO, ICWG.