GS25 opens futuristic c-store concept in South Korea

South Korean convenience-store chain GS25, owned by GS Retail, has opened a futuristic convenience store without a checkout counter in Jung District, Seoul.

The store, which is located in the headquarters building of a local credit card company BC Card, is similar to Amazon Go, checkout-free offline malls in the US.

One can enter the convenience store by scanning a BC Paybook QR code from BC Card’s mobile payment app at the speed gate.

When customers enter the store, 34 ‘deep-learning cameras’ will recognise their behaviour. In addition, some 300 weight sensors installed throughout the store detects the number of items that customers choose.

When a customer chooses their purchases and exit the speed gate, all the items will be automatically paid for through a payment system using artificial intelligence (AI) technology, and a mobile receipt will be issued.

A video-recognition speaker is also installed, where a pre-set voice will guide the customers through speakers. If customers are standing at some point or do a particular action, the speaker will provide assistance

In the future, the company will gradually introduce technologies that guide customers to promotions when they approach a presentation product stand.