Audi invests 100 million euro for EV charging infrastructure

German luxury car manufacturer Audi has invested 100 million euro for setting up EV charging infrastructure in its own sites, claims the company in a press release.

The company is setting up more than 4,500 charging points for battery-operated vehicles. It further claims that by the middle of 2022, Audi will equip one in ten parking spaces with EV chargers.

At Audi's main plant in Ingolstadt alone, there will be 3,500 charging points available in the final development. There will be 1,000 charging points in Neckarsulm. Also, charging infrastructure will be built at the factory in San José Chiapa as well.

Maximilian Huber, Project Manager B2B and In-house Charging Infrastructure Solutions, Audi, said, “Establishing such extensive charging infrastructure is a completely new challenge."

At the sites in Brussels, Ingolstadt, and Neckarsulm, charging infrastructure with a total power input of 21 megawatts is already available, informs Audi.

This corresponds to the power consumption of a small town with 14,000 inhabitants. This includes 600 charging points with an output of up to 22 kilowatts (kW) and 60 direct-current charging points with an output between 50 and 350 kW.