Vodafone Germany partners with Total to connect petrol stations to 5G network

Vodafone Germany has announced that it has signed a partnership agreement with Total to equip its petrol stations with 5G.

The firm has started to operate the first Total petrol stations with 5G in Dusseldorf and in Erfurt.

To connect the petrol stations to the 5G network, Vodafone and Total have activated the 5G router 'GigaCube 5G'. The router is specifically designed for business customers.

It receives 5G signals provided on site by the mobile network of Vodafone, then transfers the signal to a smart network distributor instantly. This divides the network capacity into small, separate networks and makes them available for individual digital services.

Petrol stations provide digital services while cash register terminals transmit data over the 5G network at up to 500 Mbps, about ten times faster than a DSL connection.