Rutter’s offers Top Tier certified gasoline products

Top Tier certification requires a retailer’s gasoline to meet minimum detergency requirements as directed by vehicle manufacturers, which exceed EPA requirements.

Rutter’s announced a new partnership with TOP TIER Gasoline Detergents, which signifies that all of Rutter’s gasoline products, including Regular, Plus, Supreme, Unleaded 15, and Ethanol-Free, are now Top Tier Certified.

Top Tier certification requires a retailer’s gasoline to meet minimum detergency requirements as directed by leading vehicle manufacturers, which exceed Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements.

Use of Top Tier gasoline is recommended by automakers including Audi, Ford, BMW, Honda, VW, GM, Toyota, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Navistar International and Mercedes-Benz for its benefits such as helping to keep engines clean, minimize emissions and restore fuel economy with continued use.

Rutter’s also took the step of further enhancing its Supreme 93 octane to five-times LAC requirements. Based on scientific research, five-times LAC is the highest level of detergency where customers will continue to see enhanced benefits. This boosted detergent formula is designed to help restore engine power and performance, help restore fuel economy, and minimize emissions, with continued use.

Rutter’s believes these benefits will help customers see the added value of its Supreme 93.

“We are always looking to separate ourselves from the competition through our products and service, so we examined how we could add further benefits for our gasoline customers,” said Chris Hartman, Director of Fuels, Forecourt and Advertising at Rutter’s.

“Based on our research, customers are looking for many different results from gasoline, such as reclaimed power, performance and fuel economy, resulting in cleaner emissions. With TOP TIER certified gasoline, and our enhanced Supreme 93, we’re able to offer customers the benefits they desire and give them a reason to say, ‘Rutter’s, Why Go Anywhere Else?’”

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