FleetPride bringing the CITGO family of lubricants across North America

FleetPride Service Centers are bringing the CITGO family of lubricants to new customers across North America, as CITGO is now the primary supplier of engine oil and other lubricants at all FleetPride Service Center locations.

“We’re proud to bring the CITGARD line of heavy-duty lubricants to a wider customer base through our partnership with FleetPride, a brand that shares our dedication to providing innovative solutions, superior service and the best products to keep heavy-duty trucks and trailers rolling across America,” says CITGO Vice President Supply and Marketing Karl Schmidt.

With 44 locations spanning 25 states, FleetPride’s Service Center network is one of the nation’s largest heavy duty aftermarket service providers, the company says. “As our service center network continues to grow, we recognize the need to expand our nationwide premium lubricant offering.

This alliance with CITGO advances our commitment to offering superior products, services and solutions to our service center customers across the country,” says Nathan Lamb, vice president, service operations, FleetPride. “With our growth strategy, investments in technology and expanded service capabilities, 2020 is going to be an exciting year for FleetPride Service Centers.”

For nearly 40 years, the CITGO line of heavy-duty lubricants, including CITGARD engine oils, CITGEAR lubricants and the CITGO family of transmission fluids, greases and more have evolved to meet the demands of heavy-duty diesel engines and component parts.

Designed to keep vehicles on the road longer, CITGO products are engineered with a proprietary technology that helps vehicles achieve performance and efficiency, run cleaner, operate at higher temperatures and fuel injection pressures and maximize efficiency and durability to reduce wear and tear, the company says.