Galp reopens all stores in its network in Spain

Galp has reopened the more than 300 stores it has in Spain with reinforced safety and hygiene measures in the dispenser areas, convenience stores, washing area and all areas of contact between employees, customers and suppliers.

Payment options in the dispensers area have been updated, including the possibility of paying by card directly at the dispenser and with ViaT, through Bip & Drive, thus avoiding contact.

In addition, the contactless payment system has been extended to the vehicle washing area, allowing payment by NFC card or phone in the installed terminals, without the need for a PIN.

Likewise, the safety measures include social distancing guidelines and hygiene protocols for all users, who have hydro-alcoholic gel and gloves at their disposal.

In turn, the company has installed methacrylate partitions at all collection points, as well as in the cafeteria bar, and has provided the personnel with the necessary PPE to guarantee maximum security when performing their duties.