Rompetrol launches cashback service at forecourts in Romania

Rompetrol Downstream, the retail division of the KMG International Group in Romania, launches a new service dedicated to individuals, through which they have the possibility to withdraw cash with 0% commission from any Rompetrol own station.

The “Cashback” service (cash withdrawal from merchant) is available at any time.

The service allows withdrawal of cash from the personal debit or credit bank card in an amount of up to 200 RON / transaction together with a POS payment operation at the fuel station. The amount and number of cash withdrawals may be influenced by the cash available at the cash register of the station at the time.

The company does not charge a commission for these transactions, the level of withdrawals allowed daily and any additional costs / fees being strictly generated by the credit institution issuing the electronic payment instrument.

“We are constantly looking to develop and implement innovative solutions to offer customers an immediate benefit and contribute to improving their experience in our stations.

The new service allows customers to use the payment terminals at the stations and withdraw cash from bank cards, along with the purchase of goods and / or services from the station,” says Sergei Sevcenco, Rompetrol Downstream General Director.

Customers can currently use this service in all 156 Rompetrol own gas stations in Romania, the company being the first player in the oil & gas field and one of the first non-banking companies in Romania to launch the cash withdrawal service nationwide. The service is not available at Rompetrol Partner or Rompetrol Express stations.

In March, the company initiated a pilot project in its own stations in Bucharest, Ilfov and Giurgiu. Based on the number of transactions and the feedback received from customers, it decided to rapidly expand the service to its entire network of fuel stations.

Whether customers are refueling or buying products from the store, the new service allows them to save time and fuel otherwise wasted searching for an ATM.

“Given that the legislative framework offers us the possibility to retain a commission of maximum 1 percent of the withdrawal value for this operation, we decided to make a step towards our customers and not charge them a commission.

The only condition for using this service in our stations is the purchase of fuel or any goods and / or services from the store and Hei restaurant portfolio”, adds Serghei Sevcenco.