INTERSPAR Austria trialling filling stations for organic food products

INTERSPAR has become the first major food retailer in Austria to offer filling stations for unpackaged and loose organic food products, such as cereals, nuts, pasta, rice, and dried fruit.

The selection is part of the SPAR Natur*pur range, the largest organic brand in Austria. Products sourced from local suppliers complement the range.

The pilot at an INTERSPAR hypermarket in Salzburga allows customers to fill free paper bags or their own containers with the products. The move is part of SPAR’s drive to reduce the use of plastic in its operations.

The filling station was designed by HL Display and differs from some other traditional systems as the bins are filled from the top but emptied from the bottom, ensuring an optimal shelf life of the food products.

“For the sake of the climate and the environment, INTERSPAR is constantly tackling unnecessary plastic packaging,” said Managing Director INTERSPAR Austria, Markus Kaser. “I am pleased that we are the first large food retailer in Austria to be able to offer a filling station for unpacked organic food, in addition to the test operation of the filling stations for certified organic laundry and dishwashing detergents.”

In January, INTERSPAR started to trial filling stations for laundry and dishwashing detergents in selected hypermarkets in Salzburg and Vienna. The group stated that the filling stations are being continuously adapted and improved according to customer needs.