Ipiranga chain announces new high octane gasoline Octapro

With the arrival of the new gasoline in the Brazilian market, Octapro, Ipiranga announces that it has managed to increase the efficiency of its fuel.

With the new measurement methodology in RON (Research Octane Number) - before in IAD (Anti Detonant Index) - the product reaches the 103 octane mark. The higher the indicator, the better the performance of engines with a high compression ratio and that work with a higher level of demand, such as that of super sports cars

According to the company, among the differentials of gasoline of higher octane rating is the combination of additives to provide benefits to contribute to the engine reaching its maximum power, thoroughly clean the injection system in the first full supply, improve handling and reduce emissions gases harmful to the environment.

"Efficiency, innovation and the use of technology to bring better solutions to the consumer are central elements in Ipiranga's strategy. We show our commitment to the quality of all products and services. Octapro's technical leadership and energy efficiency further reinforce the role of these pillars in our business", says Márcio Neves, Executive Manager of Retail Planning at Ipiranga .