Puma Energy launches Puma FastPay+ loyalty program

Puma Energy announced the start of a loyalty program through the new Puma FastPay+ app, offering a free range of benefits and promotions in selected stores when buying fuel using the Puma FastPay application as a payment method.

Through the new loyalty program for Puma FastPay users, the customer will accumulate points in the Puma FastPay+ application. Users will receive one point for every liter of fuel purchased, and two points per litre if they become a Gold member. Points can be exchanged for fuel or items from participating Puma Energy c-stores.

Puma FastPay customers need to download the free loyalty program app to start earning points and redeem free offers. “At Puma, we put the customer at the center of everything we do. And it’s with them in mind that we’ve created a competitive loyalty program that offers great benefits to all users of our mobile application,” Puma Energy Caribe General Manager Mario Sierra said.

In the initial launch stage, the Puma FastPay+ application has 84 participating c-stores so users can choose where they want to use their points. As participating stores are added. they will be reflected in the loyalty program application.

The company is working to expand the participation of offers through alliances with suppliers in the future.