Shell plans expansion of Californian hydrogen station network

Shell Hydrogen has been awarded $40.8m, subject to formal approval, by California Energy Commission regulators to expand the hydrogen refuelling network in California.

If successful, the company will install hydrogen refuelling equipment at 48 existing Shell retail stations in the sunshine state, upgrade two current Shell Hydrogen stations and add light-duty fuelling dispensers and positions at one existing Shell Hydrogen heavy-duty truck station.

In addition, Toyota and Honda have agreed to expand fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) sales in California in support of these Shell Hydrogen stations.

The intended new stations join nine light-duty Shell Hydrogen loations in the state, seven of which originated through a previous California Energy Commission award in 2017.

Shell also is developing filling stations for hydrogen trucks in Ontario, Wilmington and Long Beach.

The expanded network expedites and increases the number of hydrogen refuelling stations in support of growing the market for FCEVs, significantly reducing emissions from the transport sector, and providing customers with convenient and reliable access to cost-competitive fuel for a compelling value proposition.