Secu-Tech providing solutions for safe and efficient loading and unloading of liquid products in hazardous and explosive areas

Security & Electronic Technologies GmbH (SECU-TECH) is a global supplier for systems and solutions for safe and efficient loading/unloading liquid products and fuel distribution focusing on wireless deadman systems, electronic Overfill Prevention Systems, Cross-Fill-Prevention Systems, SPD and E-Sealing (Theft Control) Systems, Data Management Solutions including Tacking, Mapping, Geo-Fencing, Alarm-Mailing, etc.

Especially Mineraloil-, Petrochemical- and Chemical Companies are well known for being ahead in environmental thinking and focus on comprehensive and sophisticated, as well as technically high quality solutions.

That is the reason why more and more following a strategy of safety and efficiency in the loading and unloading processes and using our wireless Dead-Man systems, Overfill Prevention Systems and Cross-Fill-Prevention Systems and have already implemented these kind of solutions in their loading terminals, tanker-trucks and fuel stations.

They are already taking profit of having control over their loading and unloading processes and complete logistic chain and - together with their outsourced fleets from the hauliers - protecting their workflow against overspills and cross-fills, saving a lot of money and time as well as protecting the environment and their own brand reputation.

The different systems on petrol-stations, tanker-trucks, loading terminals can be adapted to customer and local requirements.

Wireless DEAD MAN Controls

The use of deadman devices when loading and unloading products reliably prevents overfilling or other potential dangers. This increases the safety and performance of tank truck vehicles or other facilities.

Additionally to the emergency stop and automatic stop possibilities the ATEX approved LRC Small/Remote Dead Man System offers the possibility of rotational speed control, fill process interruptions and starting or use of outputs for other purposes. The LRC-Small/Remote is battery operated with an ATEX approved battery-package and the system has a wide and safe radio range. Experience with the system on the market since 20 years with around 5000 installations worldwide.

Pictured: Dead Man controls in LPG tanker truck | Dead Man controls in ship loading facilities | Dead Man controls in Ammonia trailer

Crossfill Prevention, Overfill Prevention, Theft Control, Tracking/Mapping/Geofencing

SECU MultiTank is the complete and comprehensive solution for safe and efficient fuel distribution covering automated and electronic Crossfill Prevention, Overfill Prevention, Theft Control with Tracking/Mapping/Geofencing and Alarm Mailing.

Next to the importance that product mix into compartments of tanker-trucks and into fuel-stations need to be avoided, the control of the product during transport, to be sure, that the exact amount and quality what has being loaded at the depot arrives at the fuel station, becomes more and more important. Combined with a comprehensive data-management informations of the complete logistic chain is provided in real-time and location for mineral-oil companies and hauliers.


Pictured: Petrol station | Secu Multi PID | 02-PID Graphic

Pictured: Tanker Truck | MultiTank Tanker Truck | Map