Shell creates industry-first bike lanes at Philippine stations

Shell is now providing an industry-first initiative by giving motorcycle riders specific lanes when they gas up at their philippine stations.

These bike-specific lanes are aimed to meet the needs of motorcycle-riding customers by providing specialized services, giving them a distinct VIP treatment when they gas up.

The Shell V-Power dedicated Biker lanes will also be offering free helmet and motorcycle seat cleaning, and free consultation with motorcycle-trained Shell station staff on oil checks and bike maintenance.

Such move will speed up the transactions and services for bikers, as they need not wait for cars to be filled up. Shell V-Power Brand Manager Jerome David said that the company’s newest program is expected better serve the motorcycle community.

“We hope to serve the bikers in our communities to make their experience as positive as possible in our stations. We understand that they are exposed to the elements, such as the hot, humid weather as well as the engine heat of the other cars,” he said.

The motorcycle-dedicated lanes, Shell claimed, are built on the “foundations of Shell’s best for biker products – Shell V-Power and Shell Advance Motorcycle Oils.”

“Shell V-Power offers Shell’s best ever performance and efficiency with DYNAFLEX Technology so bikers experience improved acceleration, more efficient engine performance and a smoother ride.

Shell V-Power works hand in hand with Shell Advance motorcycle oils to provide complete engine protection to enable bikers to stay on the road longer despite the harsh riding conditions in the Philippines,” the company noted.

Shell Philippines Vice President for Shell Retail Randy del Valle noted that the motorcycle riders comprise the majority of vehicles in the country.

“According to the Land Transportation Office, there are 18.8M registered motorcycles in the country as of the first quarter of 2019, and they make up a total of 71 percent of motor vehicles overall,” he said.

“Our bikers have always braved traffic and the changing elements of the weather to bring us the goods and services we need. Now, since the start of the pandemic, they have also been performing critical services such as the delivery of vital products like food, medicine, and groceries, to the countless others who are on city-wide quarantine.

This is why Shell would like to give them dedicated attention every time they come to our biker fuel lanes,” del Valle explained. These dedicated lanes can be easily identified as they are red lanes—serving motorcyclists on “red carpet.”

Motorists cannot go wrong on these lanes as only motorcycle bikes can fit on these special passageways, which leads to their part of the station allotted for two-wheeled refuelers.

Further, Shell service staff particularly assigned to the biker fuel lanes will offer to clean the biker’s vehicle seat and helmet free of charge. Shell also assured that they will not be charged for labor when changing the motorcycle oil using Shell Advance motorcycle oils.

Moreover, Shell also offers special items specifically made for riders, such as the Shell V-Power branded motorcycle cover, gloves, leg bag, arm sleeves and shoe cover. Through their Shell Frequency card, they can avail of motorcycle accessories which will prove useful during their trips.