Hyliion and American Natural Gas form natural gas fuelling partnership

Hyliion and American Natural Gas (ANG) have formed a strategic partnership that offers the former company’s customers discounted prices for renewable natural gas (RNG) at the latter’s fuelling stations across the US.

As part of the partnership agreement, ANG has also agreed to build new fuelling stations near Hyliion’s customer locations without any upfront capital costs to qualifying fleet customers.

The two companies also signed a sales agreement that entails a pre-order of up to 250 Hypertruck ERX vehicles. The sales agreement enables ANG and its fleet customers to access Hyliion’s fully electric powertrain.

Hyliion noted that the Hypertruck ERX is an electric solution for Class 8 vehicles that offer a ‘net-negative carbon emissions’ profile. It is powered using renewable natural gas.

ANG CEO Drew West said: “As a leading supplier of RNG, we are committed to helping our customers, which include more than 200 fleets and several of the nation’s largest fleets, choose greener, more efficient fuel alternatives while improving the overall fuelling experience for drivers across the country.

“With the Hypertruck ERX, fleets can leverage RNG, the least carbon-intensive alternative fuel, to reduce their carbon footprint, achieve corporate sustainability goals and realise critical cost savings.”

Besides offering Hyliion and its customers discounted RNG pricing, American Natural Gas agreed to provide up to 100% RNG across its fuelling stations network.

Hyliion founder and CEO Thomas Healy said: “A robust and highly scalable infrastructure is critical to the adoption of our electrified solutions. “That’s why we’re working with ANG to reduce costs and enable us to offer our customers refuelling stations where they are needed.

Hyliion customers can continue their journeys to electrification with confidence that RNG will be available at a price that can reduce their ownership costs over the lifetime of their vehicles.”