GOIL steps up public education campaign on products

Ghana Oil Company (GOIL) has stepped up a public education campaign in Kumasi to sensitize Ghanaians on two of its newly introduced products – the Super XP RON 95 and GH Link Cards.

The campaign formed part of the GOIL “Gye wo two promo” which aimed at rewarding loyal customers who have been patronizing some of the products of the company such as the Diesel XP, Go cards, and lubricants.

Mr Augustine Boateng, GOIL Zonal Manager, In-charge of the Middle Belt Zone, told Ghana News Agency (GNA) in Kumasi that, the Super XP RON 95, was a higher grade product, which minimized vibration and reduced noise produced by engines at a lower cost.

The GH–Link Card, in addition to the GOIL ‘Go Cards’ are used as a cashless payment at all GOIL outlets to enhance service delivery,

Mr Boateng said the ‘Go Card’ had great security features that also protected customer transactions and was suitable for use by companies and even individuals with a fleet of cars.

He advised motorists to use quality and high-performance lubricants from GOIL since they prolonged the intervals between oil changes and ensures superior engine performance

He said some GOIL branded products such as Nose masks and hand sanitizers were distributed to the public through the campaign floats in some principal streets of Kumasi to help protect them against the COVID-19.

Mr Boateng also advised motorists to always maintain their vehicles with GOIL products to ensure the safety of their vehicles.