Tesla pushes to expand Supercharger network in Canada

Tesla is currently on a mission to expand its infrastructure to support its rapidly growing fleet, and in Canada, it’s now taking the form of a new push to expand the Supercharger network.

The automaker launched a new effort to search for new site hosts. The Supercharger network is widely regarded as one of Tesla’s greatest assets.

It is a global DC fast-charging network just for Tesla customers and it is built from the ground up to provide value to drivers instead of being a profit centre.

The network’s biggest problem is that its scale has sometimes fallen behind the growth rate of Tesla’s fleet — resulting in higher capacity needed in some regions where Tesla vehicles are becoming increasingly popular. Now Tesla is looking to address that in Canada with a new limited-time Supercharger site host search.

The automaker is seeking businesses to apply to become a Supercharger site host in Vancouver and Toronto. Tesla writes to potential new site hosts:

Tesla vehicles are equipped with in-car navigation that directs drivers to nearby Superchargers, bringing new and repeat business to your location. Superchargers are completely maintained by Tesla so there is no extra upkeep or hassle — just fast charging for customers and visitors.

The automaker reassures them that they will manage everything to get the Supercharger up and charging quickly:

Tesla manages the development, construction, operation and maintenance of Superchargers at your site. Fast, efficient, and completed by a team of Tesla-trained installers, the installation process is designed to get your Superchargers up and charging quickly.

Tesla is telling site owners that the average Supercharger station gets 2,000 to 5,000 visits per month in the Vancouver area and 2,000 to 3,000 in the Toronto area. Lately, Tesla has been in a full expansion of the Supercharger network around the world.

The network recently reached a new milestone of 20,000 Superchargers deployed globally, and Tesla also opened the world’s largest Supercharger station in California earlier this month.