GS Caltex fuel stations evolve under new brand ‘Energy Plus’

GS Caltex launched its new brand, Energy Plus, to roll out a new type of fuel station that can function conventionally and serve as a mobility and logistics hub.

According to the South Korean refinery, the company opened Energy Plus Hub in Seocho-gu, Seoul, as the first pump station under the new brand Energy Plus, which can charge electric and hydrogen vehicles and serve as a car-sharing platform and logistics hub for drone shipping.

“GS Caltex will continue to transform the spaces and services of its gas stations to provide experiences that can become a plus for our customers’ lives and their vehicles,” GS Caltex President Hur Sae-hong said.

GS Caltex aims to introduce two more Energy Plus Hub fuel stations, one in Seoul and another in Busan.

To offer superfast charging services for electric vehicles at the Energy Plus Hub station, GS Caltex collaborated with LG Electronics and installed 350-kilowatt chargers that can charge up to 80 percent within 15 minutes.