ExxonMobil awards LSI a multi million contract for "pay at the pump " contactless payment project

LSI Industries a leading U.S. based manufacturer of indoor and outdoor lighting and graphics solutions, said that it has substantially completed a multimillion-dollar “Pay at the Pump” contactless payment project for ExxonMobil, a long-standing customer of LSI.

Awarded in 2020, the highly-complex, multi-location project involved the on-site analysis of more than 11,500 ExxonMobil stations throughout North America and the production and installation of a series of labels and QR coded graphics with embedded Near Field Communication (NFC) capabilities allowing the use of Apple Pay and Google Pay at the pump along with support for the ExxonMobil Rewards+ app.

“ExxonMobil is one of the largest companies in the world, and we are honoured that they chose LSI to play a critically important role in their ground breaking contactless payment initiative,” said Jim Clark, President and CEO of LSI Industries.

“We appreciate the confidence and trust we’ve earned over many years of service to ExxonMobil, qualities that, along with our extensive product line and project management capabilities, significantly differentiate LSI in the marketplace.”

“LSI has a proven track record, and is built in part to manage extremely complex, multi-location projects such as ExxonMobil’s NFC rollout,” said Robin Hood, Executive Vice President of LSI. “In addition to performing thousands of on-site activations nationwide, the LSI team meticulously coordinated with ExxonMobil, Apple and Google to develop site-specific kits of NFC labels and associated decals – each needing to be applied in the proper location and sequence within the space available on a myriad of different fueling pumps across America.”

Driven by consumer demand for contactless payment options, the QR code and NFC technology at the pump allows customers to make secure transactions, exchange digital content and connect electronic devices using a mobile device.

With NFC, ExxonMobil customers can use their smartphones and tablets to authorize their purchases and manage their applicable payment reward programs using the Apple Pay, Google Pay and ExxonMobil Rewards+ platforms. The project is substantially complete, with various follow-up activities expected through February of this year.